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Contentsquare empowers brands to build better digital experiences. Their experience analytics platform tracks and visualizes billions of digital behaviors, delivering intelligent recommendations that everyone can use to grow revenue, increase loyalty, and fuel innovation.

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Contentsquare's experience analytics platform tracks billions of digital interactions and turns these digital behaviors into intelligent recommendations everyone can use to improve the customer experience, grow revenue, and fuel innovation. The bi-directional integration brings together Contentsquare’s unique customer behavior insights with Optimizely’s progressive delivery and experimentation capabilities. Combined, the two platforms empower digital teams to innovate confidently and drive maximum value from their Customer Experience actions.


  • Digital insights that drive revenue

    Contentsquare's experience analytics cloud helps companies understand hidden customer behaviors, and use those insights to drive more successful experiences.

  • Easily understood metrics

    Contentsquare's intuitive visual reporting makes it easy to see how customers are using your site or app. Use their Journey Analysis and Heat-mapping tools to easily identify your customers' journey and pain points along the way.

  • Easily identify errors

    Quantify the biggest user experience issues that are costing you online customers and prioritize what matters most. Take advantage of Conentsquare's Session replay capabilities to watch the exact sessions leading to errors and friction.


  • Integration for Optimizely Web
  • Integration for Optimizely Full Stack
  • Integration Documentation for Optimizely Web
  • Optimizely & Contentsquare One Pager

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