Quantum Metric Commerce Package

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Directly relate customer experience to Optimizely's platform performance, aligning business and technical teams, and building better digital products faster.

Optimizely certified

Quantum Metric gives business and technical teams a single version of truth, based on the only perspective that matters—customers. Teams will agree on priorities, build better products, and iterate quickly. Join over 120 of the world’s largest ecommerce sites who leverage purposeful, agile methods fostered through continuous product design.


  • Rapidly discover customer intent and friction

    Leverage real-time insight into customer signals that help you learn, test, and iterate faster.

  • Prioritize with confidence

    With instant, quantified visibility into what customers experience, prioritize the opportunities that will have the most impact on your bottom line.

  • Continuous Product Design

    By connecting real-time customer signals to every phase of the product lifecycle, teams can make data-driven decisions, align on priorities, and deliver better digital products faster.


  • What is Continuous Product Design?
  • Optimizely & Quantum Metric One Pager
  • Integration for Optimizely Web

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