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Introducing Optimizely data core service

At Opticon21 we introduced our data core service to the world. Data is the lifeblood of the digital experience. With data core service, data on assets, behaviors, and customers, ranging from content to experiments, from products to promotions, is shared in harmonized data layer across Optimizely.

Key features of Optimizely data core service

Flexible data model

Data core service creates connections between Optimizely systems to meet the needs of your business, whether it is B2B, B2C, content-centric, or commerce-centric. Data core service is the connective tissue that unifies the DXP providing marketers more control over their data. With harmonized first-party data discover new insights and provide added context to other reporting tools with data share from Snowflake.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Data core service provides customers with essential CDP capabilities, harmonizing the data on the assets you create, the behaviors you want to optimize and the customers you care about into unified customer profiles. Align your teams on the data as data core service automates sharing intelligence and insights across Optimizely products. To use these insights for orchestration and act on your data, read more about advanced data management offered by Optimizely Data Platform (ODP).

Unified customer profile

Drill down into individual customer records, with harmonized data across browsers, devices, and channels. Data core service collects and harmonizes customer data from across the DXP in real-time to create a 360-degree view of your customers.

Dashboards & analytics

Quickly access the information you need on how your business is performing at a much deeper level than standard web analytics. Push data to your favorite BI tools or leverage the data share with Snowflake.

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Power up a single source of truth

Get started with data core service right away. Simply turn on tracking and integrate with any Optimizely product. Then, gather insights and inspiration from one pane of glass. 

Resolve the unknowns

Go beyond simple point-in-time analytics. Turn unknown web sessions into a harmonized view of the customer experience across your owned Optimizely applications. With real-time dashboards, analytics and profiles know what's working to drive customer outcomes.

More extensibility for the DXP

Adaptability and flexibility define Optimizely extensions and applications through simplified integrations and packaged business capabilities.

Frequently asked questions

Data core service is a harmonized data layer across the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that provides marketers and product teams the shared data necessary to compose digital experience solutions with the customer context and business impact top of mind.

Whereas Optimizely's data core service harmonizes data across the DXP and provides view-only access to dashboards, Optimizely Data Platform brings data from the whole digital ecosystem together and empowers business users to activate their data. For more information read more about Optimizely Data Platform (ODP).

We're proud to announce data core service is free to all Optimizely Cloud customers globally. 

There is no cost. Data core service is free to all Optimizely Cloud customers globally with a usage limit of 250,000 monthly active users (MAUs).

Data core service will launch in 2022. Learn more about data core service in the product keynote from Optimizely's global conference, Opticon21.

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