Bynder Connector

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Streamline the creation, organization, and distribution of rich content across your web presence, and deliver consistent digital experiences, faster, with Bynder and Optimizely.

$250/per month
Optimizely verified

When using Bynder assets in Optimizely, your site always displays the latest version of the asset available, approved, and on-brand. Quickly search for and add the right images and digital files directly from your asset library. Save time creating digital content, so you can focus on creating great digital experiences.


Use your Bynder-stored digital media (images, videos, and documents) directly in Episerver, saving time searching and viewing assets. Work confidently knowing the files used are always the latest versions.

  • Streamline the process of adding rich assets to websites

  • Always use the right asset version, approved and up-to-date

  • Find the assets you need by searching through your brand portal in Episerver

  • Centralize all your assets by only having to upload them to one integrated system

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