August 20, 2020

How to choose the right experimentation platform

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The explosion of the marketing technology industry suggests there were about 3,500 martech tools in 2016. Now, there are over 7,040 solutions available; with 211 categorized as “Optimisation, Personalisation & Testing”. That’s why, at User Conversion, we looked into how to choose a platform and try to alleviate some of the pain. 

What we’ve found in our experience of recommending platforms or speaking to those in a position where they have to select a platform is that it is, certainly, an overwhelming process. There are a) so many out there, b) those platforms that ‘do more’ than, in this case, A/B testing and c) some very persuasive businesses and individuals. 

As the market grows with more tools and proportionally more demand for experimentation, we will soon start to feel, if not already, overloaded in features. 

We wanted to help by sharing our experiences by writing “which experimentation platform should you choose? And how to select it” as we firmly believe that any platform should be selected based on your challenges as a business first, not on the number or quality of features available. Demos should be tailored to how value can be added to the business, not on the specificities of capabilities within the platform. 

This whitepaper sets out that framework, as well as identifying experimentation vendors based on their positioning and proposition within the market. As an example vendor, Optimizely is considered as a “market leader in experimentation for over ten years” and that “wealth of experience is evident both with the clients they work with and innovation they release”. 

To find out more about Optimizely’s strengths in the marketplace and uncover the framework to support your evaluation, download the User Conversion whitepaper on experimentation platforms today