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The future of building good products: Progressive delivery and experimentation

with James Governor, co-founder at RedMonk and Lawrence Bruhmuller, CTO at Optimizely

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The disciplines of software delivery and growth hacking are coming together, driven by the fundamental realization that product-led strategies, in both consumer and B2B, drive more sustainable and scalable growth.

Hear James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk (the developer-focused research and advisory firm) and Lawrence Bruhmuller, CTO of Optimizely, share the value of pairing progressive delivery and experimentation together in your product development strategy.

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  • What top teams are doing to speed up release cycles, minimize bugs, and free up engineering bandwidth
  • What new ways teams can and should be using data to quickly make decisions
  • How to adopt CI / CD, feature flagging, progressive rollouts, and a/b testing into your culture