Top 7 reasons why Optimizely is a preferred VWO alternative

Don’t let Visual Website Optimizer hold you back. Join 20+ of the Fortune 100 companies who choose Optimizely to scale their experimentation programs with a best-in-class platform.


Performance without compromise

A/B testing risks slowing down your website, or creating a bad user experience. The first happens when the experimentation code snippet is large, and loaded synchronously. The second happens when you use an asynchronous code snippet like VWO does: experiment loading delays will cause the screen to flicker.  

With Optimizely, you don’t have to sacrifice the user experience for speed. More than just an a/b testing tool, Optimizely customers get Performance Edge, an ultrafast Experiment Delivery Network built on Cloudflare’s Edge Network and included with every Optimizely web plan. With this, customers are able to run hundreds of web experiments with a median load time of 50 milliseconds - faster than the blink of an eye.  

Or you can choose to experiment across all of your applications with our Full Stack SDKs with virtually no latency. When it comes to performance options, Optimizely is the best in the industry.


Accuracy through Stats Engine and flexible data

Optimizely’s Stats Engine provides real-time sequential statistics to deliver accurate results, fast. At any time, you can look at the results page and see experiment status live without incurring a peeking error, which means that given sufficient traffic, you can reach statistical significance within hours. Additionally, our machine learning allocation can accelerate reaching significance for ABn tests.  

To alleviate concerns about interaction effects, Stats Engine has built in error controls for multiple comparisons, and lets you use exclusion groups when multiple experiments are running.  

For data professionals and analysts, Enriched Events Export can connect to your analytics platform, while our data services offer a way to analyze experiment data with other sources and alternative statistical methods.  


Powerful integrations for building powerful experiences

In order to build winning online experiences, you need the right tool for the job, instead of an average tool for everything. Optimizely seamlessly integrates with best-in-class tools to create a digital experience stack that maximizes value for clients.

For example, Optimizely's integration with Tealium AudienceStream allows you to use visitor data collected by AudienceStream and use it to create Audiences in Optimizely. Our integration with AWS Personalize lets developers run Optimizely experiments on product personalization algorithms.

Our two-way integration with Salesforce lets you easily experiment on your Service Cloud content and processes. It also allows you to create audiences based on Salesforce customer data, and offers the unique ability to analyze the down-funnel and revenue impact of your experiments.


Test and personalize experiences for key audiences

Why offer an all-in-one experience when you can easily offer your users personalized experiences at scale? VWO has some targeting controls, but Optimizely uses a unique combination of machine learning and human expertise that enables you to deliver targeted messaging, personalized offers, and recommend the most relevant content for your users.  

Our machine learning optimization drives the most successful content to your audiences, our product and content recommendation modules use multiple algorithm options to offer the most valuable next clicks, and our Adaptive Audiences features helps you quickly identify valuable audiences to personalize for based on their interests. Our extensions feature saves you time by allowing assets to repeat across your personalized experiences. Because every personalization campaign can also run as an a/b test or multivariate test, you can be sure you're launching winning experiences.  

This means improved conversion rates and conversion rate optimization (CRO), ecommerce functionality, marketing and testing automation, and content management.  


Built for experimentation at scale

The more you experiment, the faster you learn, the higher your ROI. The ability to scale your experimentation program is key. Optimizely comes with a full set of enterprise features. From security features like 2-factor authentication, to program management tools for ideation, prioritization, collaboration, and program reporting. Out-of-the box integration with productivity tools like Slack and Jira ensures you can manage every aspect of your experimentation program from a single system.  


Usability and Certification

Not only are we user-friendly for large teams with open documentation and open-source SDKs actively referenced across Github, we also offer free full certification courses through the online Optimizely Academy which enrolls 500 new trainees a week. This is particularly valuable for cross-functional teams who need to enable employees quickly to accelerate value from their investment.  


Global Support and Expertise

With over 1.8M experiments run, and $1B in incremental revenue achieved for our customers in the last year alone, we have the best practices, support, and services to ensure your the best customer experience. Our expertise is built upon years of customer support for the fastest growing startups to the most iconic brands test and execute innovative experiences.  

See why Optimizely is so much more than a simple optimization platform. With competitive pricing, Optimizely's suite of products works with any multi-channel strategy from mobile apps to landing pages to social media, all to convert experiences into real ROI with supporting metrics.