Andrew Mauney

Andrew Mauney is a senior engineer at Rocket Code, an ecommerce agency proud to build solutions that optimize revenue and profit growth for clients such as Chubbies Shorts, Rhone Apparel, ‘47 Brand, P&G, and other best-in-class brands. Rocket Code chooses to work with the best ecommerce platforms in the business, including Optimizely, and is a Optimizely 1-Star Partner. Whether working on a client project or one of their apps, all of Rocket Code’s work obsesses about performance-driven interfaces, rock-solid engineering, and complete user experiences that transform casual shoppers into loyal customers.

Blog Posts by Andrew Mauney

May 16, 2016

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Optimizely

Optimizely gives us a strategic advantage when building and validating solutions for our clients. To date, we’ve used the platform to run hundreds and hundreds of tests. During this time, we’ve discovered that we can dramatically scale our strategic advantage by becoming more nuanced in how we craft and deploy Optimizely experiments. Specifically, my Rocket Code colleagues and I have discovered eight core insights and workarounds that empower us to deliver some truly awesome e-commerce firepower. Collectively, these tips will help your Optimizely experiments run faster with fewer errors and more visibility into how users are interacting with the test variants.