Andy Nelson

Andy came to Optimizely in late 2019 after five years at Nike as a Product Manager across a variety of Nike's digital commerce experiences. Andy was a user of Optimizely before joining the Optimizely product team and is excited to be working to improve an already excellent Optimizely platform. He sits in Optimizely's Austin office, where he moved with his dog Oscar from the pacific northwest when he joined.

Blog Posts by Andy Nelson

May 05, 2020

Using Feature Flags to Move from a Monolith to Microservices

In recent years, companies accelerating digital transformation and innovation have been decomposing legacy monolith applications and moving to distributed systems architectures (almost universally spoken about as microservices). If you and your team have decided to undertake this migration, you’re likely excited about the compelling upsides of a distributed architecture. Maybe you’re considering how you’ll execute
February 03, 2020

Change history helps you keep track of your feature flags and experiments

With great power comes great responsibility Feature flagging (also known as ‘toggles’) and experimentation are potent tools for product development teams and marketers to drive better outcomes, whether rolling out and testing new features, optimizing customer experiences, or improving marketing funnel performance. It is true, though, that for all the value these techniques provide, they