Bill Press

Bill Press is SVP of Engineering at Optimizely. Over the last 20 years, he has led engineering teams at leading enterprise software companies, such as Salesforce. Bill holds a PhD in computation and neural systems from Caltech.

Blog Posts by Bill Press

December 03, 2018

I/Own It Hack Reactor Scholarship 2018 Winners

In a previous blog post, I announced the launch of Optimizely’s third Hack Reactor Scholarship and Internship program, and elaborated on why we continue to support it. Today, I’m thrilled to announce our three winners for 2018. We received more than 611 applications and interviewed eleven candidates. To everyone who applied: thank you. We are
October 30, 2015

Open-Sourcing Parental Leave

Parental leave as an employee benefit is a topic of frequent discussion these days, and is a conversation spurred on by policy announcements this summer from technology leaders Netflix, Microsoft, and Adobe. Lack of access to paid maternity and paternity leave is a serious problem affecting parents in the United States across industries, geographies, and socioeconomic classes. We believe that adequate, equitable parental leave is a movement we all have a responsibility to take part in. To that end, we want to share exactly how, in 2014, we laid the groundwork for increasing leave for new parents at Optimizely from 6 to 17 weeks.