Cara Harshman

Cara is a storyteller and journalist. From 2012-2016 Cara was a Content Marketing Manager and Blog Editor at Optimizely. She wrote A/B Testing the book on behalf of Optimizely’s co-founders.

Blog Posts by Cara Harshman

February 22, 2016

Why You Should Love the “Like” Button Redesign

One of the most iconic and frequently clicked buttons on the internet is getting a redesign. The Facebook like button that 1.6 billion users click more than 6 billion times per day is officially being replaced with six buttons to better capture the range of emotions we exhibit on Facebook — like, love wow, haha, angry, sad. If you’re thinking, OK…so what? think again, because this is huge. The way Facebook designed Reactions — their name for this new capability — demonstrates the magnitude of this change.
February 03, 2016

Growing Your Digital Agency With Optimization: An Optichat Recap

As part of Digital Agency Day hosted by HubSpot and Unbounce, Optimizely hosted an #optichat Twitter chat to discuss how digital agencies can grow both their own and their clients’ business by offering optimization. We were thrilled to have some of the top optimization agencies in the world join the conversation and share their thoughts.
December 02, 2015

How to run more effective A/B tests: An Optichat recap

Good ideas are the foundation of our work as optimizers. The source doesn’t matter — whether it comes from our heads, a user testing session or our website analytics — as much as the quality. Instead of one-off ideas, we need to equip ourselves with scalable strategies for brainstorming effective A/B tests. Hiten Shah, founder CrazyEgg, co-founder of KISSMetrics joined #optichat to discuss tactics for running effective A/B tests. Here’s a recap of the questions, answers from Hiten and the #optichat community.
November 09, 2015

3 A/B Testing Case Studies on Seeking The Global Maximum

As the following case studies reveal, there are huge wins to be had from thinking big and being open to questioning the status quo. There are also important revelations lurking in smaller tests that can point the way to a major redesign. And sometimes testing is the only way to find true north amidst the chaos and confusion of major changes.
November 06, 2015

#optichat Recap: Optimizing Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The last weekend in November is the biggest shopping weekend of the year -hands down. The competition during this weekend is extremely high, and many retailers are unsure of how to optimize their customers’ experiences. We hosted a Twitter chat with online retail experts to discuss what retailers can do to capitalize on high traffic from Black Friday and Cyber Monday and what pitfalls they should avoid during the holiday shopping rush. Our guests included Linda Bustos, author of the new ecommerce blog, Ecommerce Illustrated and Get Elastic, the ecommerce blog operated by Elastic Path.