Clarissa Bukhan

Clarissa is on the Technology Partnerships team at Optimizely. She focuses on building Optimizely’s ecosystem of partners in the marketing and ad tech space, to help customers get more value out of the Optimizely platform. Prior to Optimizely, Clarissa managed Strategic Alliances at Box. 

Blog Posts by Clarissa Bukhan

March 14, 2016

Optimizing for viewability, the new currency in digital advertising

You wouldn’t buy a TV commercial on a channel with no viewers, or a billboard facing a road with no passersby, would you? By the same logic, chances are that you probably wouldn’t spend money on a digital ad that would never be seen. While common sense might suggest that this is true, according to Google, only 50% of display ads on publishers’ sites are actually considered “viewable”. Here are four tips to help publishers optimize for viewability.