Eryn Parker

Eryn is a Senior Customer Success Manager responsible for helping Optimizely’s retail customers achieve maximum business value. Prior to joining Optimizely in early 2014, Eryn was a Sr. Account Manager at Brightcove. Outside of work she is passionate about travel, literature, crossword puzzles, and is slightly obsessed with all things The New Yorker. You can reach her via LinkedIn.

Blog Posts by Eryn Parker

April 19, 2016

3 Optimization Trends from Optimizely Retail Customers

As the Senior Retail Customer Success Manager at Optimizely, it’s my job to understand what is most impactful to my clients’ businesses and how to achieve their goals. Through working with many brands on their e-commerce sites, I’ve seen first-hand how companies are staying on their toes in the evolving marketplace and growing revenue as a result: by optimizing all aspects of their site through testing and personalizing.