Kirsten Allegri Williams

Kirsten Allegri Williams is Chief Marketing Officer of Optimizely, where she leads global marketing and communication strategy. Prior to joining Optimizely, Kirsten was Chief Marketing Officer for SAP SuccessFactors, the world’s leading provider of technology solutions for Human Resources

Eric Anderson

Eric brings more than 25 years of experience building and leading global sales teams and developing successful go-to-market strategies for both private and public companies. Eric is responsible for refining Episerver's global business development, sales, and partner alliance strategy in order to maximize revenue growth. He has decades of sales leadership experience, a strong track record of revenue growth accomplishment, and proven success in transforming organizations as companies scale. He was most recently Chief Revenue Officer at Optimizely prior to its acquisition by Episerver. Prior to joining Optimizely, Eric was the Chief Revenue Officer at Spredfast and Return Path. During his career, he has also held senior roles at Nuance Communications, VirtuOz, and Rainmaker Systems.

Alex Atzberger

Alex Atzberger is the CEO of Optimizely. Alex joined Optimizely in 2019 after spending nearly 15 years with SAP, where he was President of SAP Customer Experience and previously President of SAP Ariba and Chief of Staff to the Office of the CEO. In 2013, Alex was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and he holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Deane Barker

Deane has worked in the content technology industry for 25 years. Prior to joining Optimizely, Deane was the founding partner of an Optimizely solution integrator. Deane has been working with the Optimizely platform in some capacity for the last 15 years.

Shane Barker

A digital marketing consultant that specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

Sid Bharath

Sid is a digital marketer at LemonStand, an eCommerce platform for professional online retailers.

Blake Blanchard

Blake is the Lead Consultant in the US on Optimizely’s Strategy & Value team, working with companies to maximize the returns of their experimentation programs with an emphasis on scaling impact, growth, and digital revenue. With brand-side marketing experience from Tripadvisor, DIRECTV, and AT&T, she hopes to empower other experimentation practitioners with Optimizely’s best practices, data sets, and customer insights. While the “major” of her career has been OTT devices and streaming platforms, she studied Political Science and English at Duke University.

Patxi Bocos

Patxi Bocos is a passionate Senior Software Engineer with over 9 years of experience. He advocates for code quality, testing and functional programming, often posting about Kotlin and Android on Medium. He is also the owner/maintainer of poetimizely, a library for generating type safe accessors for Optimizely experiments and features. Aside from techie stuff, in his free time he enjoys road cycling, photography and videogames.

Lauren Brennan

Lauren Brennan is a Product Marketer at Optimizely, where she works to drive awareness and demand for Optimizely's products throughout EMEA. She is passionate about proving the value of digital experimentation through great content and stories.

Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook is a Demand Generation Manager at Optimizely focused on creating meaningful digital experiences through content, webinars, and email. Before Optimizely, Jessica worked in b2b event and account-based marketing.

Sam Brown

Sam is a Senior Customer Success Manager responsible for helping Optimizely’s EMEA-based customers achieve value through Optimization. Prior to joining Optimizely in late 2014, Sam was a Customer Success Manager at Workiva. Originally from New Zealand, Sam moved to Europe in 2011 spending a year living and working in Iceland. Sam now lives and works in Amsterdam.

Clarissa Bukhan

Clarissa is on the Technology Partnerships team at Optimizely. She focuses on building Optimizely’s ecosystem of partners in the marketing and ad tech space, to help customers get more value out of the Optimizely platform. Prior to Optimizely, Clarissa managed Strategic Alliances at Box. 

Megan Bush

Megan is a Conversion Consultant at Blue Acorn, where she spends the majority of her day immersed in clients’ testing plans. Her expertise in quantitative analysis all started with a degree in Math from University of San Diego. She also likes wine. Follow her @meganpbush.

Shannon Byrne

Shannon Byrne is the Social Media and Community Manager for Geckoboard, a TV dashboard application that makes your most useful data available and understandable to drive focus and growth. 

Brian Cahak

Brian Cahak is the VP of Business Development & Marketing at Clearhead, a digital optimization agency. Previously, Brian was the co-founder of a SaaS start-up in the auto technology space, the COO of an art eCommerce company, and the VP of eCommerce Operations for Callaway Golf.

Malin Carlsson

Malin is Digital Marketing Manager at Optimizely. As she's looking after the content on our website she also keeps an eye on SEO. Moreover, she may be Optimizely's most enthusiastic beginner horseback rider.

Luiz Centenaro

Luiz Centenaro is an Optimization Manager at Optimizely, previously Customer Success Manager at Experiment Engine. Luiz has run thousands of experiments helping eCommerce sites, SaaS businesses, Lead Generation and Content Publishers generate more revenue from their websites. In his spare time Luiz can be found hiking, dabbling in outdoor photography, traveling and eating tacos 🌮 in Austin Texas.

Compass Compass

Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless. We deliver an incomparable experience to both agents and their clients all in service of the Compass mission: to help everyone find their place in the world. 

Carina Conaghan

Carina Conaghan is Optimizely's Global VP of Technology Partnerships. She is responsible for the strategic direction, development, operations, and monetization of Optimizely's Technology Partner Ecosystem.

Patrick Costello

Patrick Costello is a Senior Product Manager at Optimizely. He leads a team focused on enabling experimentation and feature management in partner platforms. Patrick has been developing experimentation solutions for the better part of a decade, helping top teams take a data-driven approach to improve their business. Prior to joining Optimizely, Patrick co-founded the Y Combinator-backed company, Naytev, which is best known for pioneering social media content experimentation.

Stephen Croome

Stephen is a growth marketer, helping Codility tell their story of improving how companies recruit engineers. He has an MA in Social Media and a decade of agency, consultancy and startup experience.

Greg Cypes

Greg Cypes

Greg runs the product team at Zaius. He has spent 10+ years running product organizations for marketing technology companies, and prior to that was a software engineer for 12 years working on real time communication tools and platforms.

Jocelyn Czerwinski

Jocelyn is an experienced Product Manager and Experimentation Strategist who joined Optimizely in 2018 as a Sr. Strategy Consultant. She started and led the experimentation program at McDonald’s Digital and helped change the culture and accelerate experimentation at Orbitz Worldwide.

Izzy Daffern

Izzy joined the Demand Generation team at Optimizely in 2019. She assists and helps manage all of the field marketing programs across North America.

Laura Dolan

Laura Dolan is the Senior Content Marketing Manager for Optimizely. She has been a content producer for over 15 years publishing pieces in B2B and B2C industries. She has also written and edited for international publications in the U.K., Canada, Australia, India, and France. When she’s not creating content for work, she loves to spend time with her husband, Jeff, four stepchildren, dog, Sparky and cat, Piper. 

Michiel Dorjee

Michiel is Manager, Digital Strategy and Development for Optimizely and has worked in Developer Relations, Experimentation, ran Optimizely's advertising and is the world's premier expert on foxes. Also, he's just happy to be here.

Emily Dresner

Emily Dresner is the CTO at Upside Travel.

Danny Driscoll

Danny is a Product Manager at Optimizely working on Full Stack, focusing on making the SDK implementation and usage experience as seamless as possible. He enjoys playing with Optimizely's JS and React SDKs in new frameworks.

Justin Dunham

Justin specializes in customer acquisition, marketing technology, and marketing analytics for enterprise software companies. He has previously led digital marketing functions at fast-growing organizations, including enterprise unicorn MongoDB and Gates Foundation grantee One Acre Fund. Justin has an MBA from the Wharton School in Entrepreneurial Marketing, and lives in sunny Portland, Oregon.

Chris Duskin

As the VP of Marketing for Extole, Chris is responsible for all marketing initiatives ranging from demand generation to sales enablement. Prior to Extole, Chris was VP of Product at Badgeville and helped bring to market innovative solutions for marketers. Earlier, Chris managed all the marketing conversion products within the Adobe Marketing Suite and was led both product and marketing strategies at Offermatica. Chris has 15 years of experience in web and marketing solutions. He holds a BA from Trinity College in Connecticut and a MA from George Washington University.

Shamir Duverseau

Shamir is a co-founder of smart panda labs, a digital marketing consulting firm that designs and manages data-driven experiences for their client's acquisition, conversion, retention, and analytics efforts. He serves as chief strategist and oversees the firm’s conversion rate optimization and analytics + intelligence practices. He has worked across a number of industries, from travel to entertainment to technology, holding senior management positions with brands like Southwest Airlines, The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, and Marriott International.

Steve Ebin

Steve joined Optimizely in 2012 as its Head of Online Marketing. He believes that online marketing today is in roughly the same state as alchemy in the early 15th century: there are some known principles, but it isn't yet a science. He is conflicted about blogging in general.

Richard Eckles

Richard Eckles is the Optimization & Growth Lead at Dailymotion. Richard is responsible for building and engaging Dailymotion’s global audience on mobile and TV products through data and continual experimentation.

Jodie Ellis

Jodie hails from the Land of Enchantment, commonly referred to as New Mexico, but now inhabits the Los Angeles area. As Optimizely's former Head of Experimental Marketing, Jodie aims to boldly go where SaaS marketing doesn't—and perhaps even shouldn't.

Alex Finn

Alex Finn is a Solutions Engineer at Optimizely, where he works to spread the gospel of experimentation. He is passionate about technology, medium-rare steak, and Tom Brady.

Wesley Fleming

Hailing from Northwest Ohio, Wes began his travels on the Great Lakes and soon graduated the Pacific Ocean, namely Hawaii. While on the Islands, he grew an affinity for communicating life learnings of the wilderness through television. A few hops, skips and jumps later, Wes is Optimizely's resident video lead developing compelling stories for audiences of all walks of life.

Erin Flynn

As Chief People Officer, Erin oversees Recruiting, People Ops, Real Estate and Workplace Operations at Optimizely. She has over 20 years of experience, including a decade leading Recruiting, Talent Development, and Employee Success at Salesforce. Erin received a BA in literature from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. When she’s not making Optimizely one of the best places to work, Erin also sits on the board of the Horizons Foundation.

Sarah Fruy

Sarah Fruy is the director of brand and digital experience at Pantheon. She leads the strategy, goals, and road map for the company’s public-facing website and branded assets. Fruy has over 10 years of experience in the marketing, digital publishing, and online advertising industries, along with marketing strategy and digital marketing certifications from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. Previously, she worked at emerging media companies, such as Say Media, as well as heritage brands like the San Francisco Chronicle.

Elizabeth Gabster

Elizabeth is a Lead Value Consultant at Optimizely, where she works with companies to measure and maximize the returns of their experimentation and progressive delivery programs. She has advised C-suite clients across Europe and the US on their digital growth priorities. Prior to Optimizely, Elizabeth was a Senior Consultant at Google, and she holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Dan Glazer

Dan is Head of Partnerships at Optimizely. When he's not forging relationships with new digital agencies or helping technology companies build Optimizely integrations, you can most likely find Dan anywhere Phish is on tour. Follow him @danglazer

Josiah Grace

Josiah is a frontend engineer at Opendoor leading the frontend infrastructure team. He is passionate about web page performance, Typescript, server-side rendered React, and asset building, deploying, and serving. Onboarding new engineers to a company and the industry is where he feels most impactful.

Amanda Graham

Amanda is the resident scientist at Blue Acorn, a premium eCommerce agency helping retailers and brands achieve growth with a data-driven approach.

Cara Harshman

Cara is a storyteller and journalist. From 2012-2016 Cara was a Content Marketing Manager and Blog Editor at Optimizely. She wrote A/B Testing the book on behalf of Optimizely’s co-founders.

Cheyenne Havens

Cheyenne is a Marketing Campaign Specialist on the Demand Generation team at Optimizely. During work, Cheyenne is focused on all things #Opticon18 and new marketing initiatives. Outside of work, Cheyenne enjoys hiking, cooking and music festivals.

Bradley Heinz

Bradley feels lucky to be working on projects at the intersection of technology and social impact. Before joining Optimizely, he worked with Iraqi refugees in Amman, Jordan as a Fulbright Scholar and as a Dubai-based consultant focused on nonprofits and education. He really likes the beach and scooting around SF on his Vespa.

Andrew Hubbard

Andrew is a Facebook advertising and online business technology strategist. He helps businesses get more leads and sales using Facebook ads, and also works with them to build their online business using technology that meets their needs both now and in the future.

Caitlin Hutcherson

Caitlin Hutcherson is a Technical Program Manager at Optimizely, where she works on products in betas. She also is the Product Owner for Stats Accelerator and Multi-Armed Bandit. Before her current role, Caitlin was on the Customer Success team at Optimizely. She holds a Bachelor's in Mass Communication from Cal State East Bay

David Isquick

David is a former Director of Product Marketing at Optimizely that focuses on helping developers succeed with Optimizely. He likes Python, building SMS apps, and goofy dogs.

Neha Jewalikar

Neha is Content Marketing Manager at Demandbase. She is responsible for all Demandbase branded content and developing the Demandbase content strategy.

Robin Johnson

Robin is a former Content Marketer at Optimizely. When she's not writing or strategizing on content, you can find Robin exploring, adventuring, eating ice cream, and jamming out at Phish shows.

Byron Jones

Byron is VP of Product and Partnerships at Optimizely, where he leads teams dedicated to program management and to making Optimizely an open and scalable platform. Prior to joining Optimizely, Byron spent a decade at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he worked on two robotic missions to Mars and an X-ray telescope.

Karol K

Karol K. (@carlosinho) writes for - free tools to grow your website traffic. His work has been published all over the web, on sites like:,,, Quick Sprout, ProBlogger, and others.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at RankWatch and NotifyFox, Software Solutions that help digital marketers perform better. Apart from helping businesses succeed online and writing about Internet Marketing, he spends time digging deep into the beautiful world of search engine algorithms.

Felix Kirmse

Felix is Digital Marketing Manager at Optimizely and is on the endless quest of making visitors love our website. Not to forget: He's is the greatest movie connoisseur at Optimizely.

Grigoriy Kogan

As a user acquisition consultant, Greg helps companies turn more site visitors into users, leads, or customers. When he's not busy helping companies grow revenue, he shares battle-tested user acquisition lessons with others. 

Ivan Kreimer

Ivan Kreimer is a freelance writer, world traveler, and e-commerce store owner. When he’s not working on his e-commerce store, he’s helping SaaS business grow their traffic and leads through actionable long-form content.

Todd Krieger

Todd is an experienced writer and marketer who joined Optimizely in 2019 as Head of Content. He has written for Wired, the New York Times and MIT Tech review on technology, film and culture and always strives to bring a layman's sensibility even to the most complex technical ideas.

Matt Lacey

Matt heads up the ongoing conversion optimization programmes at PRWD, working across a range of core disciplines including web analytics, user research, A/B testing and optimization strategy. Matt has a solid grounding in understanding how data underpins Ecommerce operations having previously worked as a web analyst with some of the UK’s largest retailer

Jay Larson

After spending 30 years in the software industry, Jay joined Optimizely as CEO in 2017 to accelerate the growth in the business by leveraging our industry-leading experimentation platform. Jay has a track record for scaling operations for world-class companies, such as Success Factors, Oracle, and Mercury Interactive.

Sammy Lee

Sammy is a Machine Learning Engineer at Optimizely, where he works on products such as Stats Accelerator and Recommendations. Outside of work he enjoys exploring the food scene in the Bay Area and playing ultimate frisbee.

Ryan Lillis

Ryan Lillis is a former Website Optimization and Digital Marketing strategist. Formerly with Adobe/Omniture, Ryan joined Optimizely in August 2012 because he was blown away by Optimizely's testing platform and believes it represents the future of website optimization.

Zack Liscio

Zack is Senior Director of Product here at Optimizely

Keith Lovgren

Keith Lovgren is the Director of Conversion Rate Optimization at He first started doing CRO in 2004 when Google released their website optimizer. His offline time is spent with his family and at Waves of Impact, a non profit providing free surf camps for kids with special challenges and wounded veterans.

Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch is the Director of Copy at Instapage, the most advanced landing page creation solution for teams and agencies. He wants to live in a world where the cost of customer acquisition is shrinking, where customers can navigate their way through a noise-free and personalized ad space, and children never kick the back of his seat during long flights.

Jil Maassen

With an extensive background in the startup world as well as management consulting, Jil is originally from Germany and has lived and/or worked in 16 countries. She is currently based in Amsterdam and works as a Lead Strategy Consultant with Optimizely's global client base. Through her daily work she facilitates transformation of mindsets, drives cultural shift of leadership & product teams, and encourages replacement of digital guesswork with evidence-based optimization.

David Mannheim

David is an experienced experimentation, optimisation and personalisation consultant. Building the UK's leading multi-disciplinary optimisation agency and working with some of the biggest brands and retailers like Boots, Sports Direct and Papa Johns. He loves Disney - perhaps a bit too much sometimes.

Liraz Margalit

Liraz Margalit is a Web Psychologist at Clicktale.

Andrew Mauney

Andrew Mauney is a senior engineer at Rocket Code, an ecommerce agency proud to build solutions that optimize revenue and profit growth for clients such as Chubbies Shorts, Rhone Apparel, ‘47 Brand, P&G, and other best-in-class brands. Rocket Code chooses to work with the best ecommerce platforms in the business, including Optimizely, and is a Optimizely 1-Star Partner. Whether working on a client project or one of their apps, all of Rocket Code’s work obsesses about performance-driven interfaces, rock-solid engineering, and complete user experiences that transform casual shoppers into loyal customers.

Ayesha Mazumdar

Ayesha currently works across multiple teams as a Senior UX Engineer, where she collaborates with engineers and designers on Optimizely’s design system, component library, and application frontend. She is also working to integrate inclusive design and accessibility best practices throughout the product life cycle, from product planning to QA. She is passionate about creating a more inclusive web by creating products that are usable and enjoyable for all.

Brendan McSherry

Brendan McSherry is a Customer Success Manager at Optimizely. He is the primary point of contact and strategic advisor for some of Optimizely’s most disruptive digital customers, dedicated to ensuring that they receive a positive return on their investment. He studied economics at Princeton University.

Rahul Mehalingam

Rahul is a senior distributed systems engineer who joined the data platform squad at Optimizely in 2018. He has 3 years of experience in designing, developing and scaling large scale analytical systems. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, powerlifting and pretty much anything having to do with the outdoors.

Isabel Meijaard

Isabel guides enterprise customers and digital-first startups in building and scaling their experimentation efforts. She enables product- and engineering teams to make evidence-based decisions, helps embed experimentation within existing ways of working and facilitates the cultural shift to data-driven optimization.

Fahad Muhammad

Fahad Muhammad is a Content Marketer at Instapage. Being a veteran Instapage writer, he has witnessed the industry progress rapidly. He writes about landing page examples, marketing trends, Instapage updates, and conversion psychology. When he’s not busy hunting down landing page examples he can be found glued to an episode of Top Gear.

Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy is the Senior Managing Editor at Kapost, where she oversees the Content Marketeer and dedicates her time to the art and science of content creation. On a personal note, she loves puns and the Oxford comma. Follow her on Twitter at @amurphias.

Andy Nelson

Andy came to Optimizely in late 2019 after five years at Nike as a Product Manager across a variety of Nike's digital commerce experiences. Andy was a user of Optimizely before joining the Optimizely product team and is excited to be working to improve an already excellent Optimizely platform. He sits in Optimizely's Austin office, where he moved with his dog Oscar from the pacific northwest when he joined.

Polina Nguen

Polina Nguen is a software engineer on the Developer Experience team at Optimizely, where she works on improving performance and adding new features to the Full Stack SDKs and other Optimizely developer tools. Besides work, she is completing an Online Master of Science in Computer Science with Georgia Tech. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, camping, and taking road trips with her husband and their dog.

Justina Nguyen

Justina is a Developer Evangelist at Optimizely where she fosters relationships with developers to help them leverage feature flags and understand the benefits of product experimentation. She tweets (@JustinaEats): data visualization, comedy shows, pizza, and HTML & CSS tricks.

Jon Noronha

Jon Noronha is Director of Product Management at Optimizely, where he helps companies around the world build a culture of experimentation through A/B testing and feature flags.

Kody O'Connell

Kody is a Developer Advocate at Optimizely in San Francisco. A mechanical engineer turned self-taught developer, Kody has worked in the iOS and full-stack communities for over 7 years. At Optimizely Kody helps create technical content like sample apps and documentation for progressive delivery and experimentation products used by companies like Atlassian, Microsoft, and IBM.

Michael O'Connell

Michael O’Connell is a Senior Director of Marketing at Optimizely, where he focuses on growth and demand generation programs. He is a career B2B marketer who has spent time in SaaS and services companies in the US and Europe.

Peter Oh

Peter Oh is the Sr. Director of Engineering at Optimizely, based in Austin. He is an engineering Leader with a passion for building and scaling engineering teams. He is also the program manager for I/Own It at Optimizely. In his free time, Peter can be found supporting his childhood football club (Liverpool FC), and going to the archery range to practice target shooting with his teenage son.

Sean Oliver

Sean formerly led Mobile and Analytics Product Marketing at Optimizely. When he isn't thinking about bringing new products to market, he is learning new things. He's currently working on mastering Ruby on Rails, speaking Chinese, and playing the guitar. 

Emma O'Neil

Emma O’Neill is a content creator for SparkPage, a platform which lets marketers test and optimize their customer lifecycle messaging. She frequently posts on SparkPage’s “Journey to the First Million Users” blog.

Shirin Oreizy

Shirin Oreizy is the Founder & CEO of Next Step, a behavioral design agency. Using a proprietary framework, the Science of Design, Next Step brings the theories of behavioral science out of academia and into the real world, turning the appropriate behavioral science interventions into immediate business application. Next Step has worked with more than 300 clients in a variety of industries, including GitHub, Credit Karma, United Nations and Stanford, to name a few.

Rich Page

Rich Page is the new Head of CRO Strategy for RedEye, a leading CRO agency in the UK. He has over 10 years’ experience in web analytics and CRO, previously working for Adobe and Disney Online. He is the proud of two CRO books including ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day’ and ‘Landing Page Optimization’ 2nd Edition.

Oliver Palmer

Oliver Palmer is the principal consultant at Easter Island Heads where he tries to make the internet a better place by paying really, really close attention to users. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Robin Pam

Robin Pam is a Director of Product Marketing at Optimizely, where she works on Optimizely Full Stack and developer marketing. She is passionate about helping product and engineering teams adopt a culture of experimentation, advocating for women in tech, and making cities safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Junan Pang

Junan is a Solutions Architect at Optimizely focused on helping customers become testing experts. He hails from the great state of Ohio but now enjoys being in the bright California sun.

Eryn Parker

Eryn is a Senior Customer Success Manager responsible for helping Optimizely’s retail customers achieve maximum business value. Prior to joining Optimizely in early 2014, Eryn was a Sr. Account Manager at Brightcove. Outside of work she is passionate about travel, literature, crossword puzzles, and is slightly obsessed with all things The New Yorker. You can reach her via LinkedIn.

Amish Patel

Amish Patel is a Lead Strategy Training Consultant at Optimizely. In this role he is focused on enabling organizations further develop the technical and strategic skills needed to successfully grow their optimization program.

Karl Pawlewicz

Karl is the Voice of Olark. He's always looking to talk to companies that make their customers happy through live chat, a fan of Detroit sports teams, a lazy runner, and listens to Phish on his Friday afternoon chat shifts. 

Leonid Pekelis

Finishing a PhD in Statistics from Stanford, Leo is Optimizely’s first in-house statistician. He is passionate about empowering anyone to reap the benefits of experimentation to make informed decisions, whether they're steering organizations or choosing pizza toppings.

Helen Phung

Helen formerly led Optimizely's public relations. She is obsessed with news, analysis and opinion on startups, technology, and media.

Bill Press

Bill Press is SVP of Engineering at Optimizely. Over the last 20 years, he has led engineering teams at leading enterprise software companies, such as Salesforce. Bill holds a PhD in computation and neural systems from Caltech.

Dinesh Raju

Dinesh is CEO and co-founder of ReferralCandy, the tell-a-friend platform that has brought businesses over 5 million referrals in the past year. An alumnus of Carnegie Mellon, he enjoys a glass of scotch with his pocket rockets.

Damian Rams

Damian is a Conversion Rate Optimizer at Mavenec. He helps companies increase sales and leads without spending an additional dime on traffic acquisition.

Kyle Randolph

Kyle Randolph leads Security, Privacy, and Compliance at Optimizely. He enjoys scaling security programs at organizations of all sizes. Outside of work, he's lifting heavy weights in a Crossfit gym.

Matt Rickerby

As brand manager of Blue Acorn, Matt's work revolves around persona development, content strategy, and persuasive copywriting. He has co-written speaking sessions for Bronto Summit, DIG South, GIANT, and Revolve, and received awards for both videography and copywriting. In his spare time, he enjoys carpentry, playwriting, and hanging out with his dog, Yoshi.

Dave Rigotti

Dave Rigotti is the head of pipeline marketing at Bizible, a marketing analytics product that connects marketing and sales data to enable companies to make profitable marketing decisions. He is also the editor of Follow him @drigotti

Julie Ritchie

Julie joined Optimizely in 2012 after being an Optimizely customer for many years. Today she is a Campaign Manager where she helps customers tell amazing stories about their accomplishments and learnings from experimentation.

Matthew Root

Matthew is the Engineering Manager for Optimizely’s Frontend Infrastructure team which is focused on providing a scalable foundation for building user interfaces across all Optimizely products. Prior to joining Optimizely, Matthew spent five years at Opower helping to drive energy efficiency using behavioral science. He takes lunch very seriously.

Kyle Rush

Kyle Rush is the VP of Engineering for He was formerly the CTO for the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and has run optimization teams for Barack Obama and The New Yorker. Kyle’s work has been featured in the book “A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers” available on Amazon. Follow him on Twitter via @kylerush.

Shana Rusonis

Shana Rusonis is a Product Marketing Manager at Optimizely. From crafting hypotheses to taking action on results with confidence, she's passionate about helping people work better together through experimentation.

Asa Schachar

Asa is the lead Developer Advocate for Optimizely. Previously, Asa was the engineering manager for Optimizely's Full Stack product, responsible for leading multiple cross-functional engineering teams in charge of Optimizely’s fastest growing product to enable companies to experiment more across websites, apps and every level of the stack. Prior to joining Optimizely, Asa worked at Microsoft as a software developer where he built the Internet Explorer site recommendation algorithm. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvard University and is an avid breakdancer.

Martijn Scheijbeler

Martijn Scheijbeler is the director of marketing at The Next Web, he’s responsible for the execution of it's marketing strategy involving: audience growth & engagement, marketing analytics, product and data across all projects related to The Next Web: Deals, Academy, & Conference.

Steven Schuler

Steven Schuler is a Director of Product Marketing at Optimizely. Throughout his career, Steve has guided companies through digital marketing transformations, pioneering some of the first mobile campaigns at m-Qube, native ads at Yahoo and chat based marketing at Intercom.

Cate Seago

As a Customer Experience Guru at Optimizely Cate loves spreading her A/B testing wisdom to new customers. When not optimizing conversion rates, Cate loves exploring the Bay Area and traveling whenever possible.

Todd Seller

Todd Seller is a Software QA Engineer at Optimizely, where he works on revamping Optimizely’s automation end-to-end test suites. Having transitioned from sales to engineering, he brings deep customer empathy by providing insights to his colleagues to ultimately enhance the user experience. Todd enjoys movies and has seen every original movie in the Star Wars universe in theaters during its initial run. Yes, he’s that old.

David Sertillange

David Sertillange is a Lead Solutions Architect at Optimizely. He provides technical expertise and consulting to help our Enterprise clients fully leverage the Optimizely platform as well as strategic guidance to help our clients test in intelligent and insightful ways.

Ron Severdia

Ron is the VP of Design at Optimizely where he is a passionate advocate of design and UX. Previously, Ron led design initiatives at technology companies like eBay and Microsoft, branding and advertising powerhouses like Landor Associates and Young & Rubicam, and design-centered companies like Apple and IDEO. He has won several design awards and is the author of two technology books from O’Reilly Media.

Hiten Shah

Hiten is the co-founder of KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg. In addition to advising companies, he is a thought leader in the data-driven marketing and conversion rate optimization space.

Amanda Sibley

Amanda Sibley is the campaigns manager on the marketing team at HubSpot. She is responsible for generating thousands of leads per month for the HubSpot sales team, across all inbound marketing channels. She also is a regular contributor to the HubSpot blog.

Audreyanna Silvester

Jeff Sing

Jeff Sing is a Software QA Engineer at Optimizely, where he orchestrates Optimizely’s quality control plan. He utilizes a combination of automated testing and QA procedures to champion the customer experience to help ensure that Optimizely remains the world’s leading experimentation platform. He studied Computer Science at UCSD, and to this day is still a passionate Chargers fan.

Dan Siroker

Dan is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Optimizely. The original inspiration for Optimizely came from Dan's experience as the Director of Analytics on the 2008 Obama campaign. Optimizely is the product he wishes he had in 2008 to make it easy for anyone to do A/B testing. Today, Optimizely is the world's leading experimentation platform, enabling businesses to deliver continuous experimentation and personalization across websites, mobile apps and connected devices. Formerly, Dan was a product manager at Google and studied computer science at Stanford.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the Brand and Community manager at as well as the CEO of Ann has been into Internet Marketing for 9 years, she is a contributor to several well-known industry outlets and speaker at Pubcon.

Bethany Spencer

Bethany Spencer is a Senior Experimentation Analyst at the BBC.

Amanda Swan

Amanda manages the Optiverse community at Optimizely. She is a proud graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and will jump at any chance to enjoy a Firestone tri-tip sandwich.

Corte Swearingen

Corte is the Director of Testing and Optimization at and has 25 years of strategic marketing experience. Since 1999, Corte’s focus has been the area of marketing analytics and the creative use of both quantitative and qualitative data to provide actionable insight for driving revenue and business value to clients.

Burc Tanir

Burc Tanir is the Co-Founder and CEO of Prisync, a competitor price tracking software trusted in more than 40 countries.

Optimizely Team

Optimizely is the world’s leading experimentation platform, enabling businesses to deliver continuous experimentation and personalization across websites, mobile apps and connected devices.

Giles Thomas

Giles Thomas is an ecommerce conversion rate optimization expert, founder of AcquireConvert & ecommerce growth agency Whole Design Studios. He teaches companies how to grow as the head marketing mentor at the Google Launchpad Accelerator. Giles is also a member of the exclusive Google Experts program, a curated group of the world's leading experts in ux, product, development & marketing.

Michael Thompson

Nicole Thompson

Nicole leads Optimizely's communications programs, including Analyst Relations and Public Relations. Before moving to San Francisco, Nicole held comms roles in Sydney and London. She spends her time outside of work exploring Napa's wineries, hiking around the Bay Area and watching English football.

Alek Toumert

Lead Strategy Consultant - Formerly a customer of Optimizely's, Alek led the American Medical Association's Digital Analytics team and Optimization Program. Today at Optimizely he works with enterprise customers to build programs, improve scale, and up-level team testing and personalization methodologies.

Toby Urff

Toby was a long time enthusiastic customer before he joined Optimizely's Customer Success team in 2013. Through his interest in product design, statistics and front end technologies he is the born consultant for customers who want to become testing heroes within their companies. Toby loves the night, rarely gets enough sleep (hacker's time!) and loves his adopted home town Amsterdam (including all the rain).

Allie VanNest

Allie works with (, the leading provider of audience insights for digital publishers and brands. She spends her days telling stories about what content draws in website visitors, and why.

Perla Virgen-Silva

Perla Virgen-Silva is a Marketing Specialist on the Demand Generation team at Optimizely. She specializes in B2B marketing and is focused on optimizing the digital experience of webinars, virtual events, and content campaigns.

Claire Vo

Claire Vo is the former Chief Product Officer at Optimizely. Previously, she was the CEO and co-founder of Experiment Engine which was acquired by Optimizely in 2017. Claire is an expert in high velocity experimentation programs and passionate advocate for women in technology.

Natasha Wahid

Natasha is writer, marketer, and speaker, focused on helping companies connect with their customers through impactful content and communication.

Alex Wald

Alex Wald is the Growth and Optimization Manager at Biggerpockets. His career is focused on optimizing key business funnels using A/B testing techniques. He lives in Denver, Colorado, is an avid promoter of the “FIRE” (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement and has been known to eat an embarrassing amount of grilled cheese while half-watching Netflix shows.

Nelson Wang

Nelson is the former Head of Mobile Partnerships at Optimizely. He is passionate about writing great content and enjoys helping companies make data-driven decisions to drive better business outcomes.

Evan Weiss

Evan is the Product Manager for Analytics at Optimizely. He is passionate about enabling our customers to learn from and take action on their data.

Kelli Wheeler

Kelli Wheeler works in corporate communications at Optimizely. For almost two decades, she has designed and led impactful B2B and B2C communications programs that influence target audiences and drive brand advocacy.

Talia Wolf

As Founder and CEO of Conversioner, Talia helps businesses optimize their websites, using emotional targeting and consumer psychology to generate more revenues, leads, engagement and sales. Talia is a keynote speaker, an avid skydiver and a Harry Potter fan. 

Nate Wright

Nate Wright is a Director of Product Marketing at Optimizely, leading the team that covers web experimentation, personalization, and Program Management. He is passionate about helping businesses use technology to deliver better, more data-driven experiences for their customers. Outside of work, his interests include skiing, Boston sports, and exploring (kid-friendly) restaurants in the Bay Area.

Shirley Zhao

Shirley Zhao is a content marketer at Experian Data Quality. She focuses on data quality and data enrichment, as well as the best practices surrounding those two topics.

Tom Zurkan

Tom Zurkan is a Senior Software Engineer at Optimizely working on Optimizely Full Stack X, Mobile, and OTT. He has also been working with AWS tools for several years. His interests lie in modern languages and how best to develop elegant crash proof code.