Jodie Ellis

Jodie hails from the Land of Enchantment, commonly referred to as New Mexico, but now inhabits the Los Angeles area. As Optimizely's former Head of Experimental Marketing, Jodie aims to boldly go where SaaS marketing doesn't—and perhaps even shouldn't.

Blog Posts by Jodie Ellis

March 30, 2015

Opticon 2015 — in 1 Minute

This week, a #OneMinuteMonday on Optimizely’s annual conference: Opticon. There are more than 225 million people set to attend conferences this year. There’s probably more than 1.5 million conferences that are going to happen in 2015 alone. Yes, there’s a lot of gatherings for professionals to better themselves… But there is none like the one I’m about to talk about: Opticon 2015.
April 29, 2014

Everything Could Be The Next Experiment—Especially This

Another Tuesday without a music video being released to tout your amazing work as a conversion optimization professional? Not this time. Experimental Marketing at Optimizely and MC Commerce have teamed up to bring you “#TheDataShow: A HipHoptimization Story.”
February 26, 2014

Parking Ticket, Car Flyer, or Valentine Wish? Experimentation and Expectations.

This past Valentine’s Day, I set out to explore the boundaries of expectation and hopefully spread some love in the meantime. Disclaimer: The development and execution of the project was not funded by Optimizely.
December 02, 2013

Feelin’ Like a Blimp? Fear Not. So Am I.

There are many things that have me feeling inflated today. You would think it’s the Thanksgiving dinner I had last week (and have continued to have in sandwich form since) or the non-stop family bonding time that has me feeling large. Turkey Day has certainly amplified my blimp-like state, but this feeling actually started about 2 weeks ago when I set out to plan a fearless high seas adventure with a group of inspiring co-workers.
December 02, 2013

How to Sponsor Any Conference for a Fraction of the Price

Conferences and expos have long been a valuable tool in the arsenal of many marketers. Today, the world of conferences, sponsorships, booths, and beyond has grown to monumental proportions. But with so many opportunities to be involved in so many events, there is only so much budget and so little time. In this post, we will show you how to create your own sponsorship category for less than a third of the price of a traditional sponsorship.