Luiz Centenaro

Luiz Centenaro is an Optimization Manager at Optimizely, previously Customer Success Manager at Experiment Engine. Luiz has run thousands of experiments helping eCommerce sites, SaaS businesses, Lead Generation and Content Publishers generate more revenue from their websites. In his spare time Luiz can be found hiking, dabbling in outdoor photography, traveling and eating tacos 🌮 in Austin Texas.

Blog Posts by Luiz Centenaro

February 03, 2016

#AMA with Conversion Rate Optimization Legend: Peep Laja

Join us on Test & Tell next Monday, February 8th at 2:00 pm for an AMA with Conversion Rate Optimization Legend: Peep Laja. Test & Tell is a community of over 100 Conversion Rate Optimization professionals. Every month we feature industry experts in AMAs, our general discussion is filled with great conversation about A/B testing and
December 01, 2015

Top 8 Questions From An “Ask Me Anything” with EE CEO, Claire Vo

We recently launched our new CRO Slack community, Test & Tell, and already have amazing members participating. The group will also feature insightful programs such as AMAs with talented influencers in the optimization world. To join, head over and request an invite here. To kick off our first AMA, Experiment Engine CEO, Claire Vo, answered
July 10, 2015

Secret Insights from the Top 30 E-Commerce Stores Over Time (Part 3)

After analyzing stores 21 to 30 and 11-20, this week we uncover the top 10 e-commerce sites and their iterations in the past decade. We deconstruct changes and highlight major takeaways from all 30 stores. Learn from their experience and then apply continuous optimization to your own store to improve the shopping experience and increase revenue.
July 02, 2015

Major Takeaways to Borrow from Popular E-commerce Stores Through Time (Part 2)

Last week, we began taking a look at the changes of the top 30 e-commerce stores (21 to 30) over the past decade and more. This week, we continue with stores 11-20 and highlighting the practices they have implemented over time. Through evolution and iterative design, these stores continuously improve their sites and maintain great shopping experiences.
June 26, 2015

The Continuous Evolution of the Top 30 E-commerce Stores (Part 1)

E-commerce is always changing; e-tailers use meticulous testing to increase conversions and revenue year after year.