Nicole Thompson

Nicole leads Optimizely's communications programs, including Analyst Relations and Public Relations. Before moving to San Francisco, Nicole held comms roles in Sydney and London. She spends her time outside of work exploring Napa's wineries, hiking around the Bay Area and watching English football.

Blog Posts by Nicole Thompson

May 13, 2019

Thriving in Today’s Digital Experience Economy

Over the last ten years, an explosion in bandwidth, advances in technology, and availability of smart devices have led to a wildly changing digital landscape. Where once we owned CDs and DVDs; now we subscribe to Spotify and Netflix. Merchandise purchased onsite at big-box retailers; now arrives in our homes and offices from Amazon. We
October 04, 2018

Forbes Japan: Discover What Comes Next With ‘A/B Testing’

A couple of weeks ago we spoke with Forbes Japan, for its November issue, to discuss the power of experimentation and how we enable customers to make business decisions by eliminating guesswork. Digital experience optimization is the most significant technology to accelerate a company’s success in an increasingly competitive digital world. Not only do we
June 20, 2018

Experience Optimization Evolves To Keep Up with Advanced Enterprises

According to new research from Forrester1, leading enterprises have consolidated online testing and personalization techniques such as behavioral targeting and recommendations into centers of excellence to achieve one common goal: to optimize digital experiences across the entire lifecycle of customer engagement. Professionals responsible for optimizing customer interactions – such as marketers, customer service teams, product
May 07, 2018

Forrester Report Finds That Lack of Leadership Support is Holding Online Testing Back

In a new report released February of this year, we believe that Forrester set out to discover the best practices for embracing a culture of experimentation, what’s holding online testing back and how to effectively incorporate online testing techniques into data-driven optimization and personalization strategies. Forrester interviewed a range of brands including, HP, Microsoft, Target,