Sam Brown

Sam is a Senior Customer Success Manager responsible for helping Optimizely’s EMEA-based customers achieve value through Optimization. Prior to joining Optimizely in late 2014, Sam was a Customer Success Manager at Workiva. Originally from New Zealand, Sam moved to Europe in 2011 spending a year living and working in Iceland. Sam now lives and works in Amsterdam.

Blog Posts by Sam Brown

July 28, 2016

4 Steps for Creating a Problem-Centric Split Test Hypothesis

Hypotheses are the statements that clarify our thinking leading up to a test. They make a clear prediction about how changes in customer experiences will impact a given goal. They provide a rationale for why customers might react positively or negatively to that change. But even with standard hypothesis best practices, there are opportunities to elevate your testing, align your hypothesis with challenges that are core to your business, and increase the odds of producing a positive result. It starts with identifying problems.