Sean Oliver

Sean formerly led Mobile and Analytics Product Marketing at Optimizely. When he isn't thinking about bringing new products to market, he is learning new things. He's currently working on mastering Ruby on Rails, speaking Chinese, and playing the guitar. 

Blog Posts by Sean Oliver

July 23, 2015

3 Tips on Mastering Mobile App A/B Testing

One of the tools app developers and mobile product managers are increasingly adding to their toolkits is A/B testing. Having a discipline around A/B testing enables mobile app makers to deliver engaging, high-ROI experiences by optimizing elements like signup flows, checkout funnels, and navigational elements, to name a few. Here are three simple yet effective tips for those just getting started with mobile A/B testing from the mobile product managers who own testing at Pinterest, CheapOAir, What to Expect, and Credit Sesame.
April 23, 2015

Optimizely Launches on Android — 5 Things Android & iOS Developers Should Ponder

In 2014, Android made up more than 80% of worldwide smartphone shipments. That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce the general release of the Optimizely Android SDK. Now you can use Optimizely to optimize your app on both of the world’s leading smartphone platforms. Leading up to this release, we ran a beta program with some of the top Android apps on the market and came to understand that not all mobile developers are created equally. However, they also share commonalities in how they think about development. We’ve distilled these similarities and differences between iOS and Android development down to a list of five traits. As you think about how to structure your mobile testing program, we highly encourage you to ponder these findings.
October 20, 2014

Q&A: Tips for Planning Your Cross-Device Marketing Strategy

You’ve heard the phrase, “deliver the right message at the right time.” Today, marketers have another thing to get right: the environment. The environment is the location where you as a marketer reach your customers, i.e. a customers’ smartphone, your brand’s website, or an email. There is magic in delivering the right message to the right customer, in just the right environment. Adam Marchick knows this well—he founded Kahuna, a mobile marketing automation platform because of it. I interviewed Adam to learn more about engaging users across different devices in different environments.
September 09, 2014

New Features in iOS 8 Developers Need to A/B Test

iOS 8 is upon us. While developers have been busy brainstorming and building creative ways to use new features like interactive notifications, Touch ID APIs, app extensions, and other exciting changes (which we’ll dig into later), the tech world is waiting to hear from a very important stakeholder in this release: the user.
July 22, 2014

3 Tactics to Keep Users Tapping on Sosh

The social butterfly in your life has a secret weapon — Sosh, an app focused on discovery of local events. In this week’s Teardown Tuesday, discuss experiment ideas to maintain and grow Sosh’s community as it strives to become a marketplace for events.