Shirin Oreizy

Shirin Oreizy is the Founder & CEO of Next Step, a behavioral design agency. Using a proprietary framework, the Science of Design, Next Step brings the theories of behavioral science out of academia and into the real world, turning the appropriate behavioral science interventions into immediate business application. Next Step has worked with more than 300 clients in a variety of industries, including GitHub, Credit Karma, United Nations and Stanford, to name a few.

Blog Posts by Shirin Oreizy

May 18, 2020

Testing for Developers: Correctly using Behavioral Science Design Methodology

When you’re developing products or designing user experiences, wouldn’t it be great to know what works and what doesn’t before you commit resources? Using behavioral science and design methodology in large scale experimentation lets you test for cause and effect so you can translate digital touchpoints into informed decisions. Unfortunately, A/B testing is widely misunderstood
January 21, 2020

What is Behavioral Science & Why it Matters for Experiment Design

People often use the term behavioral science loosely- and incorrectly. When one doesn’t truly understand what behavioral science is, you’re unable to pinpoint a causal relationship between what your company does and how your users respond. At Next Step, a behavioral design agency I founded in 2004, we bring the theories of behavioral science out