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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that’s one type. But Full Stack provides experimentation for each new feature that product teams add to their applications, so you can measure the impact of every release to customers.​

Optimizely is an open platform. Our APIs, integrations, and open-source SDKs with pluggable components give you control over the network activity and integration with your own analytics pipeline, business intelligence and collaboration tools. 

Nope, there’s so much more. Of course, feature flags and experimenting are crucial to your application, but the Full Stack capabilities optimize each deployment so you can build better products, faster.​

No, feature flagging allows you to choose who gets access to new features and roll out features gradually to mitigate risk.

Put simply, Feature Management and Feature Flagging provide all the benefits of CI/CD, but with more control. In addition to leading feature management capabilities such as kill switches, safety valves and control points that limit the blast radius of rollouts, Optimizely empowers teams to experiment with features releases, target specific audiences and gather data quickly to scale releases safely and more precisely.

Analytics is an intuitive dashboard showing the performance of each test and whether features should continue as a positive or roll back due to negative impact.​

Yes, roll out with zero latency. With Optimizely you’ll conduct experiments in performance-critical code paths. Our SDKs bucket users in memory so experiments have no impact on latency.

Optimizely is about 75% faster than other experimentation tools. For larger experiments, experiments reach conclusion 2.5 times as fast. Event collection servers used by thousands of customers across the globe allow you to get experimentation results immediately and roll out features to audiences as soon as they are ready for the intended environment. 

Every day, thousands of companies—including Microsoft, IBM, and the New York Times—use Optimizely on their websites and apps to collectively deliver billions of experiences per month. So, we have built our services keeping the highest level of security in mind.

Learn more about security and compliance in our Trust Center

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Optimizely is trusted by over 9,000 leading companies for digital experiences, content management, experimentation and commerce.

Need a marketer-friendly UI?

More than development teams can benefit from feature management and experimentation. With a Web Experimentation visual editor, marketers can easily manage features and tests independently—without additional development tasks.